Why Your Business Should Get Social!

Why Your Business Should Get Social!

San Antonio Social Media BusinessSocial Media is Here to Stay

Avoiding social media is the single biggest mistake for a business to make in today’s world. It’s something important enough that it could take your business to the next level and reach customers beyond San Antonio.

Many businesses have a misconception that social media isn’t worth their time, however social media is going to be around for a very long time. It’s a effective method to communicate directly with customers, find out what they’re thinking and improve business and marketing strategies.

Social Media Grows Each Day

Notice how products such as phones are being marketed to consumers based on social media capabilities instead of technical features. Consumers willingly choose one phone over another because it can connect to a social network like Facebook or Twitter.

People are wanting to connect online instead of traditional methods like voice communications.

Social media is rapidly expanding. Soon websites may start to use one universal logins for everything in a similar fashion that Google uses a Google account for logging int to Google+, Gmail and other services.

This means two things: nearly everyone will have a social account soon and businesses can directly contact customers.

The Benefits of Social Media

Social media is so valuable to businesses because they can listen, engage and develop loyal relationships with customers. There’s four major features that social media can be used as:

  1. Customer Relations – Small business can directly communicate with their customers to receive feedback on a one-to-one basis. If a product or service receives positive feedback, then other people can view it and it can intertwined with the next feature listed. If it gets negative feedback, then small businesses have an opportunity publicly rectify the problem.
  2. Build a Business’s Community – Businesses can increase customer loyalty just by making those customers feel special. Examples of this include Clorox’s and Coca Cola’s Facebook pages.
  3. As a Marketing Tool – Users on social networks love to share things they find interesting. If a business has something that interests them, then users will often times share it. This can lead to increased sales and product awareness if done properly.
  4. SEO Improvements – Search engines like Google are starting to weigh something called “social presence” when figuring out search engine rankings. If a small business has a moderate social presence, then it will be able to have an easier time ranking highly for the terms that will help pull in extra visitors from the Internet, regardless of whether that business is local or global.

There’s No Reason to Wait!

There are a number of free tools and websites that can make developing a social presence easily available for small San Antonio businesses. The only difference between traditional marketing and social networking is that the latter requires a great deal of persistence and regular posting to pay off.  The ROI on a successful social media campaign is without a doubt worth it.


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Written by Charise Stevens

Charise Stevens

Charise Stevens is an innovative marketer and SEO strategist specializing in digital marketing in San Antonio. Charise delivers marketing results for corporate to entrepreneurial clients.

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