The Guide to Social Media Etiquette: Eight Simple Rules

The Guide to Social Media Etiquette: Eight Simple Rules

social media etiquette for businesses onlineSocial Media Etiquette

Social media platforms have created a profitable marketing outlet for San Antonio businesses. These platforms are usually free to help businesses reach consumers on a local and global level.

But beware, social media platforms can ruin a business’ reputation and professionalism when not properly used.  There are eight basic etiquette rules that should never be broken by businesses.


#1: Complete Profiles

It is unprofessional to leave online profiles half-completed. For every social media site that a business has established a presence through, the company should have a completed profile. This includes complete contact info, location info, operating hours, types of products and services offered, a direct link to the company’s website and more.

#2: Don’t Mix Personal Accounts with Business Accounts

Never should a business owner mix his or her personal social media profiles with company profiles. While it is OK for a personal account to link to a company profile, never should the two be used as one in the same.

#3: Only Post Relevant Information

Business profiles should only post relevant information. Postings relevant information such as topics related to your industry or topics that will interest your audience will help you increase engagement and followers.

#4: Avoid Profanity

Profanity should never be seen on a business profile. In addition, inappropriate pictures and graphics should be avoided as well.

#5: Don’t Befriend Just Everyone

Never should a business profile send out friend requests to a multitude of people that are unknown. In doing this, a business will quickly lose its credibility as well as many of its loyal followers.

#6: Avoid Certain Social Media Types of Requests

Business profiles should not be used to send out birthday requests as well as game invitations. These time wasters will quickly cause a business profile to lose the majority of its followers.

#7: Don’t Get Discouraged

Not everyone will have something positive to say about a business profile. If something is posted negatively on the profile by a follower, the post should simply be deleted.

#8: Carefully Plan Social Media Posts

Content should be posted on a regular basis, but it should always be well-planned out. Content on social media platforms should always be checked for spelling and grammar errors before it is posted.

Written by Charise Stevens

Charise Stevens

Charise Stevens is an innovative marketer and SEO strategist specializing in digital marketing in San Antonio. Charise delivers marketing results for corporate to entrepreneurial clients.

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