The Future Of SEO – Marketing Professional Tips

The Future Of SEO – Marketing Professional Tips

Future of SEO As far as finding the right Marketing Professional, San Antonio is a rather large city with a rather wide volatility. If you are to choose the correct partner to handle your search engine optimization (SEO), here are a few tips that you should keep in mind.


One – SEO is no longer a static discipline.

The days of filling a website full of a particular keyword are long gone, never to return. Led by Google, the major search engines have weeded out oversaturated and spammy websites, in many cases banishing them totally from the search engine listings for good.

Ever since the Google Panda and Penguin updates, it is much more necessary for an SEO professional to “swim with the tide” of the constantly updated search engine algorithms. Make sure you get someone who burns the midnight oil and informs you of changes.

Two – SEO is now content marketing heavy.

The best way to create a website with any sort of lasting power on the modern Internet is to create original content and keep doing so in a consistent fashion. The search engines will begin to learn your patterns, note the behavior of human visitors to your site and gradually entrust your site with more “juice” (a higher reputation).

This is not the end of the story, as a reputation may be lost as quickly as it is gained. Allowing your site to link to low quality sites or any sudden drop in your viewership can cause the search engines to squeeze the juice out of your site. The ability to build a website in the eyes of a search engine is one thing; the ability to maintain that state is something that only a true modern SEO professional can accomplish.

A great tip is to hire an experienced SEO marketer with writing ability or the ability to edit your copy to ensure the most mileage out of your content.

Three – Quality over quantity is the name of the game with links.

SEO professionals will be able to check the sites that link to and from your site and determine if those links are actually hurting your overall search engine ranking. Believe it or not, more links can actually mean a lower ranking! Government and Educational  websites are gold for SEO ranking due to it’s trustworthiness.

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Written by Charise Stevens

Charise Stevens

Charise Stevens is an innovative marketer and SEO strategist specializing in digital marketing in San Antonio. Charise delivers marketing results for corporate to entrepreneurial clients.

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