SEO Checklist for Website Designers

SEO Checklist for Website Designers

SEO Checklist for Web Designers

Web designers everywhere are having to stay ahead of the digital marketing curve and not only design a pretty website but optimize for search engines.

Search engine optimization should be required for any website in order to be found online. The higher ranked you are in the search engine, the easier it becomes for customers to find your website. As a Digital Marketing Professional in San Antonio, I’ve discovered the ultimate tools for web designers wanting to go beyond just a pretty website and ensure their site is an effective and optimized. So let’s start with the basics checklist of digital marketing and SEO resources: 

Basic SEO Checker:

This is a great tool to discover all web pages that need keywords, descriptions, headers and titles. Each page should have a different description based on the content of the page with the correct h1, h2, h3 and titles.You can also view the image names and alt text which require the designated keywords describing the image. Check the URLs of all pages to ensure keywords are included ie:

Website SEO Marketing Grader:

Hubspot’s free report shows you what critical components are missing to help maximize your website. It will check to verify that you have a blog, SEO optimization, mobile friendly capabilities, social media interaction, email automation and analytics.

Duplicate Content:

Duplicate Content is a huge issue for any type of website.  Search engines often to remove pages with a high level of duplicate text and will result in a dropping of online rankings.

Check your site’s speed:

Your website speed is very important, the longer the website takes to load the higher chance you will lose customer and fall from search engine rankings.

Schema Address:

This tool offers a range of schemas (html tags), that website designers and developers can insert into web pages.  This schema tool will require you to enter an company name, address and description and will be recognized much quicker by Google, Yahoo and Bing which will improve the display of search results.


These are a few important tools to ensure your website becomes visibility in search engines.  Of course, don’t over stuff your text with keywords, providing a website with content rich information and technical SEO methods will help you rank for long-term results.

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Written by Charise Stevens

Charise Stevens

Charise Stevens is an innovative marketer and SEO strategist specializing in digital marketing in San Antonio. Charise delivers marketing results for corporate to entrepreneurial clients.

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  1. Yusuf Chowdhury March 24, 2013

    HI Charise! Thank you for sharing these great tips. By the way, there was a typo on your recommendation for screaming frog. The website is and not

    For checking duplicate contents, I would recommend another tool and for schemas there is a wordpress plugin that can be used on wordpress based website. So easy to setup

    I look forward to read more of your blog posts.

    • Charise March 25, 2013

      Thanks Yusuf for catching that! I’ll have to add the wp plugin to the list. :-)

  2. David April 13, 2013

    Nice tips and nice equation! That really caught me! :)

  3. SEO Company April 17, 2013

    Hi, great article! Thanks for sharing :) I’ll tweet this for you.

  4. Online Reputation Managment May 31, 2013

    Great little list, I have used SEOmoz for their on-page report but found it was quite expensive for something I got very little use out of. Woorank looks perfect but again its quite a lot to pay every month when you just want the on-site reports.

    Going to look into Traffic Travis though so will see how that holds up

  5. Website Design San Antonio July 10, 2013

    Hi Charise Stevens,your tips about SEOcheck-list tools are really useful and use-able because I am a web designer.Thank you to share.

  6. facemen pack July 16, 2013

    Great article! Though I am not a Seo expert but by reading this I can see the essence of seo and the proper things to be done in doing it. I believe that placing a certain website on the top rank is not an immediate process but it takes a series of steps. Thanks for sharing.

    Have a Good day


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