Digital Marketing Holiday Guide

Digital Marketing Holiday Guide

digital marketing guide for the holidaysUltimate Digital Marketing Guide for the Holiday

According to the National Retail Federation, holiday sales accounted for 19.3% of the industry’s revenue for 2012.  For some businesses, the revenue made in the last two months of the year account for as much as 40% of their annual sales. The toll the economy has taken on consumer spending which means the competition for those limited dollars will be fierce this year. Here are a few Digital marketing tips that can help increase customer count and maximize revenue this holiday season.

Avoid Using Spam Trap Words

When sending out emails and other sales messages as part of an inbound marketing campaign, it’s important to avoid using spam trap words, such as “buy” and “as seen on” in the subject line. These are words commonly used in spam mail that trigger the filters in email programs, causing the messages to be sent directly to the spam folder. Instead, be creative with subject lines. In addition to avoiding the spam file,  clear and creative subject lines can increase email open rates.

Spam Words for Online Holiday Marketing

Pull Out the Big Guns

The holiday season is the time of year when customers expect big discounts and deals that are hard to pass by. Part of a good digital marketing strategy should be the mindful use of aggressive discounting to get customers’ attention. A great way to attract customers while still protecting profit margins is to bundle products and services together. Along with increasing the perceived value of the item or service, this strategy will get customers trying the company’s other offerings, which may lead to repeat purchases in the future.

Retarget Your Digital Customer

Many customers do a bit of window shopping before they commit to making a purchase. Businesses can increase the likelihood of customers returning to their ecommerce sites by retargeting web surfers when they leave. This inbound marketing strategy involves setting a cookie on visitors’ browsers that trigger targeted banner ads when they visit other websites. Though this is not a new inbound marketing strategy, it does require a little bit of effort and technical know-how. However, this tactic can help keep the company at the top of customers’ minds, which can lead to increased market share.

Retarget your Customers Online

Create a Gift Guide

Some customers have already made their lists and know exactly what gifts they will be purchasing for loved ones. The majority, however, doesn’t have the first clue as to what to buy the people in their lives and will find a gift guide immensely helpful. In addition to presenting a great branding opportunity, a gift guide can direct customers to the products the company wants them to purchase. To maximize sales, create themed gift guides and sent out as part of an email marketing campaign.

Maximizing holiday sales this season will be challenging. The right digital marketing strategy can improve the chances of earning a decent amount of profits. Taking time to consider the needs of customers and implementing programs that address them can lead to increased customer loyalty and a happy holiday for the company’s bottom line.

Digital marketing holiday guide


Once you have developed your 2013 digital marketing holiday plan, make sure you are properly measuring your digital marketing metrics.

  Digital Metrics

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Charise Stevens

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