Digital Marketing Metrics That Matter

Digital Marketing Metrics That Matter

Digital Marketing MetricsIt is critical to monitor digital marketing metrics in order to improve performance and audience reach. Companies will be able to adjust and customize campaigns and make necessary changes to their website to increase conversions based on the results. Rather than trying to focus on the hundreds of metric possibilities, consider concentrating on a few digital marketing metrics that matter.


Marketing Campaign Costs

To determine the true cost of a campaign, a number of aspects must be considered. Monitoring the amount of time employees spend on developing, implementing and monitoring campaigns needs to be tracked. In addition, companies should also monitor how much the campaign costs to implement.

Bounce Rate

The idea of digital marketing initiatives is to attract visitors to the website. It is imperative to know the number of visitors on the site compared to the visitors that leaving a landing page. This metric will allow you to learn which pages are most effective. You can then improve the content, call to action and layout of the page to decrease your bounce rate.

Rate of Return Visitors

Businesses become successful by repeat business rather than by one-time customers that never return. Concentrate on the areas from which the site is receiving the most repeat visitors such as from specific keyword searches. This will allow the marketing team to learn more about the type of potential customer perusing the site to customize the next digital marketing campaign.

Page Views Per Visit and Time on Site

One of the best ways to determine whether or not a campaign was successful is to monitor the number of page views per visit and the average time people spent on the site. Companies should want visitors to have a look around to maximize conversions. If they are spending more than a few minutes on the site, a business is well on the way to improving conversions.

Average Cost Per Page View

Ensure that the pay per click cost to drive people to the site is less than the profit per page view from advertisers. For example, this means that if a company uses paid digital marketing methodologies to generate traffic to the site and it costs roughly $0.10 per click, profits received must be more than $0.10 per page view from the advertising on the website.

Monitoring digital marketing metrics is essential to establishing budgets and determining the success and failure of a campaign. You will be able increase your conversions exponentially by tracking metrics.

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Written by Charise Stevens

Charise Stevens

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