Charise Stevens Professional Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing Manager

Charise is an experienced and talented digital marketer who thrives on the challenge of creating innovative and integrated digital marketing campaigns to increase revenue.  Having extensive knowledge of digital trends and resources, she develops strategic online plans that consist of search engine optimization, social media marketing, mobile marketing, email marketing and display advertising.


Online Marketing Expertise

Finding innovative ways to connect companies to their target audience online, Charise knows the importance of optimizing a company’s reach.  Through planning and analytics, she incorporates digital principles with traditional marketing components to establish a solid connection for company-to-client interaction and creates touch points that strengthen brand loyalty.

As a digital marketing professional, Charise is immersed in digital trends.  She’s passionate about staying on the cutting edge of new online methods and best practices, and she finds ways in which new digital elements can enhance marketing objectives.  Charise also discovers and tests innovative digital marketing concepts and tactics to evaluate their performance across various marketing channels.

Professional Background

Charise entered the field of marketing soon after earning a Bachelor’s degree and her skills have evolved as quickly as the industry.  Technology has vastly changed the way businesses conduct sales and marketing in the past few years, and she has kept right along with the emerging tools and techniques, thus widening the breadth of her experience.

She’s had remarkable success working for small businesses and corporations, handling both national and international accounts.  Charise began her marketing career at Centex Global Communications where she created print collateral and sales scripts.  Soon thereafter, she became the marketing director, and implemented marketing campaigns and strategies focused on generating inbound traffic and engagement.  Her role was to engage audiences utilizing online tactics, such as search marketing and local search optimization, ecommerce platforms, content management and affiliate marketing.   It was this experience that motivated her to learn more about the emerging online marketing industry, so she joined SEO San Antonio thereafter. As the digital marketing and operations director for SEO San Antonio, she led online marketing initiatives, and leveraged her knowledge to deliver measurable business impact.

Currently, Charise works as an IBM employee on temporary assignment at USAA in San Antonio.  As a campaign planning specialist in the marketing division, she’s developing effective tactics, managing multiple channels and reviewing collateral to ensure corporate branding.  Charise also monitors the budget and edits online and offline advertisements.

Career Vision

Having a passion for digital marketing, Charise’s career goal is to work as an executive digital marketing director for a Fortune 500 company.  Her vision is to be an innovator for online marketing, and to share her knowledge with the world. ■

Professional Highlights

  • Digital marketer
  • Online marketing director
  • Leader of 50+ teams
  • Direct report to executive leaders
  • SEO, SMM, mobile marketing
  • B.A. in marketing
  • Professional AMA member

Personal Attributes 

  • Focused and disciplined
  • Solution and result driven
  • Constantly learning
  • Creative
  • Shares knowledge
  • Innovative