Advanced Pinterest Tips For Marketers

Advanced Pinterest Tips For Marketers

Pinterest is a popular social platform offering businesses the opportunity to build brand awareness, increase online traffic and sales.  If you already know the basics of Pinterest and are wanting to take your marketing to the next level, here are 7 advanced approaches and tips to Pinterest marketing:

1. How many boards should you have? How should they be setup? 

It’s suggested setting up somewhere between 18 to 24 boards on subjects about your brand, service or expertise. For businesses, be specific in your boards and descriptions to help you get discovered on Pinterest.

Sometimes you might have to get really creative and try creating boards on more abstract subjects like ‘Color’ or ‘Vegan Recipes’ or even ‘Collaborations’.

2. What creative posts should be used to engage customers?

Pins with eye-catching, clean photos are the most popular. Vertically-long pins with step-by-step guides, how-to tutorials and before/after photos are the most popular. The same can be said about pins that have some text on them.

Social Media Pinterest Post Ideas

3. What type of posts will get people on your website?

Post topics that your customers are interested it. Helpful how-to guides, tutorials, videos, inspirational quotes and clean-artistic photos.  Provide a call to action within your description to drive them to your website. Also make sure to upload high-quality and large images, anything under 300px by 300px is too small.

4. How long should your description be and should you include a link or keywords?

Description cannot be longer than 500 characters but leave a little bit of mystery so people want to read more. Links are not necessary if you’re pinning from your website or blog (the pin automatically includes it). You might want to add them, though if you’re uploading a pin directly to Pinterest.

Keywords are great to have between your description and there’s some mixed reviews about hashtags at the moment (some say they are no longer necessary).

5. How do you get your pin to show up higher in the Pinterest results?

Usually the high ranking pins tend to follow the mention guidelines: how-to guides, tutorials, e-books, eye-catching pictures, photos with text. Additionally, you’ll want to consider the following to increase your results:

  • Optimize your Profile with an effective and keyword appropriate information. The “About” section offers 200 characters for you to capture your audience.
  • When naming your image file, name it appropriate, for instance “How-to-create-infographics.jpg” will rank better than “May2013_0001.jpg”. Also make sure to add Alt text to increase your visibility
  • Share unique and relevant content – share your insight and truly helpful ideas.
  • Develop a strong following – add your friends and like-minded people.  Engage with your followers and reach out to ensure them to pin and like your content.

6. What is the Pinterest etiquette? What are the no-no’s of repining?

Here are some tips to avoid Pinterest etiquette pitfalls:

  • Do not download a picture from Pinterest to make it your own.
  • Do not share a photo without crediting the image somehow.
  • Do not use obscene or pornographic content.
  • Do not post a seriers of continues pins about your products (seems spammy).

7. How do you measure the success of your Pinterest posts?

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There are a few metrics to capture your success:

   Frequency of followers interacting.

   How many people like, comment or repin.

   Number of new followers you’re getting every day or week.

You can also determine that if you’ve placed correct parameters to measure incoming traffic to your website or blog through Google Analytics.


Additional Resources! – Lets you track in real time when someone pins from your website or blog. – A very good website for tracking and creating contests. – Helps you understand your influence by assigning a ‘score’. – Gives you great analytics and HELPS YOU SCHEDULE PINS –  Save time by uploading many pins at once and allows you to schedule pins.

Written by Ana Rodriguez

Ana Rodriguez works as a Social Media Creative Strategist, dedicated to helping businesses grow their online presence.

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  1. Ronald Cisneros May 24, 2013

    Small businesses have started to see the value in Pinterest. Take for example graphic artists, photographers, interior designers and fashion designers, they are able to create storyboards showcasing their work. They have the freedom to display their work using their creativity, personal style and personality creating fantastic portfolios that can be seen and shared by other Pinterest users. This allows consumers to check out their work, prior to contacting them.


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