5 Marketing Predictions of 2013

5 Marketing Predictions of 2013

SEO Predictions For 2013Want to get a sneak peek into the new marketing predictions for 2013? 

Wait no longer, we have a crystal ball to help guide you, Marketing Professional, Charise Stevens wants you to know what the 2013 predictions are for marketing. She picked out the five biggest predictions that will help Marketing Professionals in the San Antonio area specifically.

1. Most people will browse the Internet with mobile devices

Various studies predict that 90 percent of all Internet users will surf the Web with their smart phone or tablet. For Charise, Marketing to these people will require utilizing the apps that focus on local search. Most people who browse the Internet with their mobile device are either checking their social accounts or searching for a local business. Luckily for marketers, they can leverage both platforms to help them advance their brand.

2. Social media, especially Instagram and Pinterest, will reign

Instagram and Pinterest rose to social media dominance in 2012. For marketers like Charise Stevens, marketing with these tools is surprisingly easy. For the most part, these services are a means of passive marketing. However, the weight that visual aesthetics carries in the marketing world is great. Posting pictures of your product, daily happenings, quotes, and other visual media can greatly solidify your brand.

3. Email marketing won’t be strong, but still useful

Open rates for email campaigns aren’t anything special, but some suggest that can change by personalizing email blasts. It will take some work, but marketers can increase their open conversion rates by personalizing each email that is sent to subscribers. It may be easier to only send email blasts to local customers. For example, a Marketing Professional in San Antonio should only send emails to customers in his area.

4. Local marketing will be important more than ever

Balihoo Inc. released a study that shows that many national companies will plan to market on a local level in a few years. You will need to make sure you claim your area by pushing your local marketing efforts. Campaign more often with FourSquare, Yelp, check-ins, hashtags and other local targeting items.

5. We will need to not rely so heavily on methods

Many marketers get caught up on their analytics in social media marketing, mobile marketing, desktop marketing, email marketing, and other marketing methods. Consumers are making purchases in various ways on various devices. Sometimes, they are making purchases on different platforms simultaneously. What marketers are going to have to do is find out what the majority of their audience is doing to find their company and market to them in those ways.

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Written by Charise Stevens

Charise Stevens

Charise Stevens is an innovative marketer and SEO strategist specializing in digital marketing in San Antonio. Charise delivers marketing results for corporate to entrepreneurial clients.

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